AAS International Properties offers Buyer Agent services in Brisbane, Australia, assisting customers in finding their ideal residence.

Our Buyer Agents are professional registered real estate brokers, possessing a wealth of experience and expertise, able to provide clients with professional advice and guidance.

In addition, to help save our clients’ time and effort, we offer comprehensive services, including:

  • Finding suitable properties
  • Assisting in arranging professional building inspection services
  • Assisting in contract signing, loan coordination, and more

AAS International Properties provides professional consulting services, where we attentively listen to the needs and requirements of our clients and analyze them, ensuring that our clients receive the best service and the most high-quality housing options.

Brisbane office: https://bit.ly/enquiry-bne
Hong Kong office: https://bit.ly/enquiry_hk

博華國際物業提供澳洲布理斯本 Buyer Agent 服務,能幫助客戶尋找理想的居所。我們的 Buyer Agent是專業的註冊房地產經紀,擁有豐富的經驗和專業知識,能為客戶提供專業建議和指導。此外,為幫助客戶節省時間和精力,我們提供全面的服務,包括:



聯絡香港辧事處: https://bit.ly/enquiry_hk
聯絡澳洲辧事處: https://bit.ly/enquiry-bne




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